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September 2004



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Sep. 6th, 2004

Humor Me...

Okay, okay...

It's not like I don't like to update, but life pretty much gets in the way of things and it's usually the same routine over and over for the past few days. So, who wants to read something that they read the other day before? I hope most said no.

Well, I decided to keep this entry public for two reasons: to give a blunt answer on who is actually writing this journal minus the useless accounts and for those who I know that do not want/have a journal and they have a way to say, "What's up?"

So...here ya go:

1) Say 'hi', 'que pasa', greet me if you'd like.

2) Tell me about yourself, send me a link, a picture, tell me a lie, a secret, a dream, some interesting facts, a joke or a story.

3) Ask me some questions about me or anything else on your mind. I might have an answer.

You don't have to do all three.

Be anonymous if you'd like. Come back as many times to your heart's content.

Have fun.

Later. :)

Feb. 29th, 2004

Friends Only Suckas!

stalkers are a no-no. just comment to be added if you are not already. or add me and i'll add you eventually. or don't in general. simple as that. :)


1) Random people, who I don't know, reading my journal makes me paranoid. Really, it does.
2) I don't have a problem with adding people to my list (because meeting new people is something I like) as long as they stay active and drop me a comment once in a while. Ya, that sentence didn't come out right. I may be guilty of that too. But, sometimes never clicking can happen. Future apologies right there.
3) I'm reasonable, or I would like to think so. So, I'm pretty open to anything.
4) My life can be pretty boring sometimes...so be prepared for nothing really exciting.
5) Just comment...Umm...that's it. :)