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...hunted inside my days unfold...

21 June
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Sage Sayings

I am who I am...But a continuing growing person in which you cannot truly understand me. I am as real as the next person...however, I could be just another pigment of your imagination...

FATE cannot always be explained.
We only do not UNDERSTAND it.
FATE is also unpredictable.
A relative form of DESTINY as most know.
I do not think of it as MYSTICAL.
But it simply exists by the CONSEQUENCES of our ACTIONS.
We make FATE thrive in our LIVES.

Red is my color...not one I think about consciously, but a color I know that gives life to me from within, since it is that which courses through my veins.

My humor is quite vast, but that depends on the fact that you share the same sense of wit. If not, I shall banter at the amusement of your face, you funny-looking illegitimate. Ha ha!

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